Michigan’s Radon Lady

Providing Quality Radon Testing Services

If you are concerned about the radon levels in your home, turn to Advanced Radon Testing. As a certified professional, I will conduct a short term test that will remain in your home from 2 to 90 days, generally last 48 hours in real estate transactions.

The Testing Process

For the test, I will be asking the homeowner or seller to maintain a closed house. The radon monitor will be placed at:

The lowest lived-in level of the property

The lowest level of the home that could be lived in, such as a basement, if it’s a real estate transaction

The lowest level of the property if the home is on a slab or crawl

During the time of the testing, the monitor must remain undisturbed. Most continuous radon monitors have the ability to detect tampering such as moving the machine or opening the windows.
The machine will be retrieved at the end of the testing period. A report is generated that provides the buyer or homeowner with the high and low radon levels and average radon level during the length of the test. Some reports may also indicate humidity and temperature.

Action Plans and Consultation

If the average radon level is above the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommended levels, I will consult and discuss with you the options. A long-term or short-term test may be suggested, depending on the result and if it’s for a homeowner or buyer. If mitigation is recommended, I will direct you to a company that can mitigate the radon in your property.